The Story Behind Lacy’s New Song “Scarecrow” – Part 2


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Never underestimate the importance of having a good graphic artist around to help with album artwork and publicity photographs.  As we start talking about the making of “Scarecrow”, we are introduced to one of Lacy’s producers and former band members, Jimmy Jackson, who she recently discovered is also a phenomenal graphic artist. Jimmy has become Lacy’s photographer of choice and has taken most of her newer publicity photos.  He also produced her latest videos– one for the GoFundMe campaign that was started to raise money for the new project (, and the other is the official music video for “Scarecrow” (  Many people ask, “What genre of music is “Scarecrow”?”  Well, it’s not western, and it’s not Americana, but we’ve been getting standing ovations in the middle of shows from people who are hearing it for the first time – so I guess it’s just plain, good music.