The Story Behind Lacy’s New Song “Scarecrow” – Part 1

Hi! Lacy here!  What do you do when world renowned producer, Billy Sherrill, says you will have a difficult time in the music business, because you care about what you are singing.  You need to believe what he says, but you also have a message to share (and that always takes a lot longer)… Well, you persevere!  The best advice I ever got was, “Don’t ever let them tell you that you can’t write.” My new single, “Scarecrow”, came from feelings of betrayal, devastation, shock, and disbelief when my marriage of 20 years came to an end.  But it’s not all gloom and doom – sitting around the dining room table, you’re bound to meet my dogs Carl and Bip-bip and learn about our new mascot Cujo as well.  It’s all part of the journey from then to now.