The Story Behind Lacy’s New Song “Scarecrow” – Part 3

Imagine you are feeling totally shattered by a divorce, or you only have $6 in the bank, or you can’t sell your house in the desert because you have no water after drilling 6 times, or the IRS decides to audit you.  Now, imagine all that happening at the same time!  Having the clerk at the grocery store tell you that you can’t afford your groceries because you only have $6 is not the easiest way to learn what is going on. If not for a belief in a higher power, it could be totally devastating. So, I decided to write about it, to tell the story and get it out there – and so “Scarecrow” is born. You never know how much something you say or do might have a profound impact on another human being. Sometimes, we just need to know that we are not alone, that we are not the only one to feel this way, or to have to weather this kind of storm by ourselves. Sometimes, you just need to laugh about it.