The Story Behind Lacy’s New Song, “I Can’t Breathe”

”I Can’t Breathe” is a very timely song given what has been on the news so much lately.  In Lacy’s words: This song shot out of me like the tears that shot out of my eyes watching what I saw on the TV again and again.  And because of the sensitivity around the issue, we did not want people to think that we were high-jacking the cause for any personal gain.  From the beginning, my manager Leslie Adams, my co-author and producer Jimmy Jackson and I agreed that we wanted to honor the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement.  To be precise, and partly because of my work teaching in the California Prison System, all proceeds will go to the Equal Justice Initiative part of the movement.  You can check them out at  We chose this foundation after checking it out on Charity Navigator where they have a 100% rating, over 90% of monies raised go to fund their programs, and only 6.2% is spent on administrative overhead (compared to an average of 40%).  

Yours truly, Lacy J. Dalton


  • I wish every one would listen to this podcast. You covered a lot of ground with good insight and thoughts.
    Seems as though everything is getting crazy out there and if people would listen to each other we all might learn something and change the behavior of bad things that can happen. I honor you for your work and thank you.
    I hope to be able to attend another of your shows.

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